Thursday, December 30, 2010

ORCARA - The Art of Red Wine

ORCARA is a Guang-Zhou, China based company that has a large numbers of professional designers and animation product development engineering stuff which focus on manufacturing various of animation product.

There were eight more box set which has already been released by ORCARA. The ORCARA - Caca Food Shop, Specialty Fruits, Sea Food Market, Japanese Cuisine, Ma-Lak Steamboat, Chinese Dishes, Hawker Snack and Canton Dim Sum. Well, i must say that all of them are nice but the one that caught my attention is the art of Red Wine set.

Frankly speaking i don't know how does those other set goes but this wine set details is so awesomely produced. Every types in this set is just amazing. If you are a 1/6 figure collector you should probably grab this set while there are still available in the market.

Low Cost Local Red Wine

Intermediate Local Red Wine

Exclusive French Red Wine

Top-grade French Red Wine

Classic Oak Barrel

Red Wine Classic Cuisine - Blueberries Cheese Cake

Red Wine Classic Cuisine - Foie Gras

Red Wine Classic Partner - Cuba Cigar

Soldier Story - 1/6 - CIA - SAD Night OPS Version 2

It has been a busy month for me that caused me blog less^^ Well here i am again to update my hauls before the end of year 2010 with some 1/6 figures. Initially i was waiting for other 1/6 military but due to some technical problem that my local toyshop facing end up getting this 1/6 Soldier Story - CIA - SAD Night OPS Version 2

As usual this 1/6 military box set comes with a lot of accessories and is selling in a higher price as compare to other same brand military box set. This CIA Ver 2 has been released some time ago before i was into 1/6 military figure so was either sold out in most of the place or need to paid for higher price to get it. Well, there is none of the figure or collectible that i would pay a sky high price just to get it, If that particular figure was selling like hot cake and i wasn't able grab it with retail price or pre-oreder price then i'll save my bullet for others.

My purchase this time was from the re-stock schedule with about 10% less than the retail price given by my local toys store Hayasa Hobby. Initially i was waiting for the other 1/6 military box set the Soldier Story U.S Navy Seal SDC Team 1 but sadly my local toys store hasn't been given the first batch stock by his supplier so i'll just have to wait till the second batch to arrive or to go for other alternatives.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nendoroid Playset 03 : Culture Festival A and B + Hasegawa EggPlane VF-1S Strike/Super Valkyrie

I was waiting patiently for a better deal (if that will happen) on both the Nendoroid Playset 03 : Culture Festival Version to be added into my collection. Well just somewhere around last month great offer was spotted at Otacute, so without any hesitation order was placed for both of them. Great offer on both these sets not only the be a part of the reason why i grabbed them, another main reason is because these sets contains of a lot of musical instruments that makes me even more excited get them.

Both of these sets were the third set by Good Smile Company (GSC). Each set was divide into two set which sold separately and available to be combined together for display. The first set is the School Life 01A and 01B while the second is the Japanese Living Room 02A and 02B. The forth set which will be release in March next year is the European-Style Building 04A and 04B which is the most expensive set upon all the release.

Two wall pieces (window, blackboard), floor, a step, a piano with chair, guitar with case, a saxophone, a speaker and Nendoroid hand parts to hold the guitar case.

Two wall pieces (door, blackboard), floor, a step, taiko drum with drumsticks, festival lanterns (white and red), a Japanese guitar, a pianica, a tambourine, a recorder, a music stand and Nendoroid hand parts to hold the various instruments.

If i was not mistaken, i think this time purchase of Hasegawa Eggplane is my 19th eggplane. I'm sure Hasegawa will release more in the future due to this cute little plastic model plane is so adorable and salable in the market. The release of VF-1S strike/Super Valkyrie contain the most parts upon all te eggplane released in the market. Each water slide decal can nearly fit for three eggplanes.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Perfect Grade Strike Freedom Introduction

Check out this awesome PG Strike Freedom sample kit introdcution by Bandai Hobby Pro Shop

Part 1 - Leg Articulation

Part 2 - Weapon, Torso, Cockpit & Inner Frame

Part 3 - Arm, Shoulder, Hand, Head & Wing

Part 4 (End) - Wing, Weapon, Parts, Action Pose.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Three-B AVP2 Predator (Exclusive) + Nendoroid Saber: Super Movable Edition

Never had got pass my mind that i would bought any of the figurine from the "alien world" movie series. Well, i meant no harm to all the collector into these series but is just not my cup of tea. If i were to go for any of it, i'll be sure to look at how cool the finishing job done.

Having said that, there is one Predator that caught my attention and it was from the alien movie series, Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem. I was impressed by Three-B Predator mainly due to the exclusive version, the scale and the super duper discount offered by HobbySearch. It stands at approximately 22.5cm (9 inch) with the alien blood spattered around and an optional unmasked face which included to display it with its distinctive face revealed. This figure makes it stands out as an exclusive version due to the the whole figure sculpt is in stealth mode which has a totally different view from the original version.

I'm glad that GSC (Good Smile Company) announced another Nendoroid Saber to be released back in few months which later to be confirmed as the Nendoroid Saber Armor Super Movable Edition. Fate Saber has been one of the character that is overwhelming in any kind of scale figurine released in the market, so the same goes to the nendoroid version. I was somehow missed out the opportunity getting the Nendoroid Saber Lily during its release that's why i wouldn't make the same mistake twice. However, i do hope that GSC will make a re-issue for Saber Lily in coming future^^ it sure be nice to put both of them together:))

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Revoltech Protect Gear Series No.061 + Revoltech Danboard

Added up another great figure from Revoltech the Protect Gear and two Danboard plain version into my collection. Will snap some photo and share with you later:))

Friday, October 29, 2010

Kotobukiya - 1/72 Rosenthal CR-Hogire Noblesse Oblige + D-Style Non Scale Griffon

These two model kits were pre-ordered months ago with lots of anticipation for the moment to get them^^ Kotobukiya CR-Hogire was released back in two years ago and the CR-Hogire (Noblesse Oblige) was a year later. My purchased this time was the re-release of the Noblesse Oblige on this month.

The reason i go the Noblesse Oblige is because of the back unit. The initial CR-Hogire retails at JPY4800 which is without the back unit and is only JPY400 cheaper than the Noblesse Oblige, that's make the second reason to go for it.

This is the third kit from Kotobukiya on the D-Style non scale model kit the Type-J9 Griffon. Griffon is from the well known anime and manga series called the Patlabor. I'm not too sure with the storyline but i guess it is the rival for the famous Ingram.

As usual, some of the parts are partially painted, so is kinda cool for those who are going for straight build and you can just do a simple panel line to complete this kit.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Kotobukiya 1/10 Rockman + Plex MBH Vol.5 Enies Lobby + Figma 070 Suzumiya Haruhi Junior High School Version

Rockman has been one of my favorite childhood video game and i believe the same goes to others who was about the same age as me. I still remembered when i was beaten by the boss level character, i will go to the comic rental book store to rent the Rockman comic to find out whats the weakness of particular boss because Capcom designed the game according to the comic.

This is the first ever plastic model kit released in the market so far and is by Kotobukiya. Sincerely i was hoping Bandai to make this kit cause it will be made in Japan, well surprisingly Kotobukiya was somehow one step faster than Bandai to release it and there were two more character has been release for pre-order, Roll and Blues.

*Picture taken from HobbySearch

This is the 5th volume of Mini Big Head by Plex starring the Chapter Enies Lobby. I must admit that Plex product in the MBH series is not in superb condition as compare to MegaHouse product. You find that they are just nice when you see them in close-up pictures. The main reason getting Plex One Piece series is because almost all character was designed to release, meaning you will get almost all the character as seen in the anime series.

If you purchased it at official online toy store, you find out that each box contain only 20pcs. Meaning 4pcs + the Secret will not be in there. As of this time, Luffy, Sanji, Fukurou and Rob Lucci (Leopard) is not in my box. Gonna dig somewhere else for the missing character...

*Piture taken from Angolz

It was never across my mine to get the Figma Suzumiya Haruhi Junior High School Version. I think the main reason end up purchasing her is because of the bench. After getting her, i finally thought of pairing her with my Revoltech Yotsuba. They sure looks nice sitting together on the bench in my humble opinion.

*Picture taken from HobbySearch

Thursday, October 21, 2010

MG 1/100 RB-79 Ball (Shark Mouth) + MG 1/100 RB-79K Ball The 08MS Ver

Buying these two Master Grade gundam was once my target from the day i saw the plamo review on it but sadly they were the earlier release kits that were sold out long time ago before i was into this hobby.

I was glad back then when Bandai announced the one of the MG for 30th Anniversay was Ball Ver.Ka. I didn't even hesitated for a single minute to add it as one of my collection. After the long waiting, finally both the MG Ball Shark Mouth Version and MG Ball 08MS Version were set to be reproduced in August this year. This was such a great news for me to complete my MG Ball collection.

The unique of MG Ball Shark Mouth is this piece of shark mouth water slide decal
*picture taken from

As for the MG Ball 08MS, there is an exchangeable double gun unit and a single one where only this version has it
*picture taken from