Sunday, July 3, 2011

Soldier Story 1/6 Man In Suit & Loading Toys 1/6 22nd SAS Regiment Gear Set - Preview

Another purchase that i made couple of months ago, the STGCC 2010 Soldier Story 1/6 Man In Suit (with advanced narrow shoulder body) and Loading Toys 1/6 22nd SAS Regiment Gear Set. I'm glad that i've made my move in time to grab both this awesome set as both this set is cheap and sold out fast.

The SS Man In Suit is a collaboration work between Soldier Story and U-tots in conjunction of STGCC (Singapore Toys, Games & Comic Convention) 2010. The head sculpt is amazingly made from the likeness of actor Jeff Bridges in cast of the Iron Man movie who is a old partner of Tony Stark's father. Since that i've already got Hot Toys Iron Man Mark IV (post in review soon) which came with Tony Stark's head sculpt, so pairing them together will definitely make a wonderful movie scene.

As for the Loading Toys 22nd SAS Regiment Gear Set, it was also a great deal although it does not come with a head and body. Just simply get a Hot Toys true type narrow shoulder body will do the trick to gear up everything perfectly (according to a lot of 1/6 collector who has complete this gear up this figure) I've pre-ordered mine just need to wait for it to arrive for this set. Lets take a look on the list of accessories tag
along with this set.
  • Water Proof BDU
  • Tactical Vest
  • Body Armor
  • Tactical Boots
  • Tactical Gloves
  • Elbow Pads
  • Knee Pads
  • MP5K
  • MG Sling
  • 551 Holo Sight
  • Short Silencer
  • Long Silencer
  • M1911 Pistol & Holster
  • Pistol Lanyard
  • SAS Helmet
  • S10 Gas Mask
  • Walkie-Talkie Throat