Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hot Toys - 1/6 M Icon Movie MasterPiece Michael Jackson Thriller Version

Knowing the Hot Toys Michael Jackson Thriller version has been another milestone for the Hot Toys team on the achievement makes me even more excited cause they have done it awesomely again. Well as i was still new in 12" figure, so there's a bunch of great one i've miss and the Thriller version of MJ is just one of them. They are some disappointment by the HT fans when the mass production revealed on this MJ due the face sculpt was not make accurately according to the outstanding MJ Thriller MV, but it is still acceptable for me to get it as one of my 12" figure collection.

As you know that HT has just released their latest MJ in Bad version as an DX series, many of the HT and MJ fans were waiting for this one but as for me, i'm still prefer the Thriller version of MJ. One of the reason why i like Thriller version is due to the extra set of head sculpt (zombie), damaged jacket, pants, white socks, black shoes, a set of pecks and nine interchangeable hands and all i need to do is to get another true type(TT) slim body then i'll be able to display both the normal and zombie version at the same time.

I was hunting all over the place for the bundle of the MJ figure with the TT slim body and finally found a super good deal from lyn froum. Well, enjoy the pictures^^

Friday, July 23, 2010

Hasbro - Mighty Muggs Ironman 2 - Iron Man Mark VI and War Machine

Finally my long desired mighty muggs Iron Man Mark VI and War Machine has come to my hand. These awesome muggs were released back in few months time. I feel kinda upset when i was so busy by the time the Iron Man 2 movie is on the cinema that i miss it :( guess i have no choice but to wait for the clear download version to be available^^;

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Media Factory - 1/8 The Guitar Legend (by Zemaitis & Greco) and Bandai Ultra-Act Ultraman

Received a parcel today which i expect to be here last week. Anyway, this order was placed back in somewhere end of last month during the 50% shipping off campaign by Amiami. This is the first time i grabbed myself the 1/8 guitar figures by Media Factory. I have no idea how details are the product but judging from the commercial photos, it convince me putting my hands on them^^

Is randomly packed in a box of ten by manufacturer.

My box contains 7 normal + 3 secret :D

Salute on the details

As for the Ultraman, it was the first in this production line called Ultra-Act release by Bandai. I'm glad to get this one with a cheap price. I never had one since i was a kid watching the Ultraman series, so getting this one kinda fulfills my childhood dream and in my humble opinion i think is worth the money to get this one although the details are so-so only.

Monday, July 19, 2010

1/6 Toms Forrest with Wooden Bench Special Collector's Edition - Unboxed

Managed to get myself this movie masterpiece "Toms Forest" from the one of the great movie cast by Tom Hanks on the film Forest Gump. I would say that this 12" figures face sculpt looks like the young forest gump but to me it has 99% accurate not only on the figure itself but also the accessories tag long with it. Apart from this Toms hanks sculpted in the Forest Gump, there is another figure released by DiD on the military line called "Captain Miller" which has more accuracy on the matured Tom Hanks.

Assembling is required for the wooden bench

A bunch of accessories tag long based on the movie accuracy^^

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Play Arts Kai MGS Peace Walker Snake Sneaking Suit & Hasegawa VF-1A/J Valkyrie `Egg Plane`

Square Enix this time achieved wonderfully in bringing out the MGS Peace Walker Snake in his sneaking suits version on their production line^^ There were even some collector compared this non scale Snake which stands in 265mm with the Medicom RAH MSG Snake. To be honest, its price has beat up a lot of others Snake that has been in the market. I was happy to get myself this one with extra 15% discount on top of the initial 20% discount for the product price :D

This figures comes with 4 option Hand, a shield, a shield joint, a hand gun w/ suppressor and a hand gun.

Hasegawa was proud to announce that they are going to release the famous macross series into their popular Egg Plane this time. By judging from the box art, it seems to be a limited edition on this release, but i'm still not sure how that goes coz i cant remembered i have seen something like limited release on this one. Anyway, i've secured mine, how about you^^

Monday, July 5, 2010

Enterbay - 1/6 Real MasterPiece Mr Bean - Unboxed

Finally my long awaited 1/6 scale figure Enterbay Mr.Bean has arrived :D Thanks to the lyn forumer who offers a nice price on this^^

Here's a review on the figure found on Michael Crowford's review.

Extra protective to avoid box dent^^

Funny bottom box art of Mr.Bean without his head:)

The figure and accessories were divided into different box.

If i'm not mistaken, all Enterbay product comes along with a certificate to proof its authenticity.

Very accurate head and face sculpt of Rowen Atkinson

Figures comes with 4 interchangeable hands, a teddy bear, a luggage bad a figure stand and a certificate.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Early month loot

I managed grabbed myself some stuff as Hobby link Japan having their 70% off shipping campaign last week.

MG Strike Freedom with clear parts. Got this with a product price 30% off ^^

Initially i was hunting for the G-Armor Real Color but it was still pricey to ship over so end up getting this MG G-Fighter with 50% off on the product itself :D

Gundam WALX series

There are 10 types in a box, including Gundam RX-78-2 (normal, clear color ver.), Zaku II, Char's Zaku II (normal, clear color ver.), Guncannon, Guntank, Dom, and Acguy (normal, clear color ver.). 55mm tall each.

Can be use as paper clip or key chain

Star Corporation 1/6 Gun Special Operation Weapon. Got this with 70% discount price :)

8pcs in a box. To be precise, actually there are only 4 types + a secret. Meaning there will 3 repeating pieces.

All 4 types are M4 Grenade , M4CQB-R, M4SIR and SPR

This is the secret included. Can be assemble either to AK 47 or AK Rail System