Wednesday, June 29, 2011

threeA - 1/6 Adventure Kartel Mauro JC 2P

Yes, this is also another 1/6 which i got few months ago and it was from threeA again. There are few different variation of JC (Fighting JC, Exegesis JC and Tracky Boss JC) that has been released in the market and the one i got here is the Mauro JC 2 Pack which consist of a JC, a zombie, a zombie head, a poster and a catalog. Enjoy the pics :D

Saturday, June 25, 2011

threeA - 1/12 Big Red Large Martin & 1/12 Shadow Guard Eugene Armstong

Although lately has been focusing in 1/6 line, but i couldn't help myself in getting the 1/12 scale of threeA robot. They are the Big Red Large Martin & Shadow Guard Eugene Armstong. As usual threeA figure is always making their collector confident with their product in terms of its awesome weathering and the unique design, and thats the same goes for these two^^

threeA - 1/6 Ankou Sentry N.L.C.S has been quite a while from my last post here. Been busy with my new born baby:D Well here's another 1/6 figure from threeA i got it couples of month ago. The name is Ankou Sentry N.L.C.S.(Newandria Local Containment Squad) Enjoy the pictures.