Friday, August 27, 2010

Hasbro - Mighty Muggs Star Wars & Media Factory - 1/8 Gretsch Guitar Collection II

Received something cool today^^ The Mighty Muggs Star Wars and Gretsch Guitar Collection II. Nowadays those nice and rare mighy muggs are not easy to get in Malaysia, so you probably need to hunt them alternatively from those online toy store oversea. For instance, i got mine from a reliable US ebay seller with a super duper cheap price. This is only the first batch i got, there will be 2 more batch arriving soon which i got them from other ebay seller too^^ so stay tuned for more to come:)

Mighty Muggs Anakin Skywalker, Clone Commander Cody, Darth Revan and Jango Fett

If i'm not mistaken, this time purchase of guitar collection is my 4th one. I've got the Takamine and Fender from F-toys and the Zemaitis & Greco from Media Factory. Media Factory has made another "not to be missed" collection for the either figurine collector or the guitar collector. It was a relief as i acted fast enough to secured mine as this collection was sold out at most of places like hot cakes upon its release. This collection contains 8 types of guitar (including the secret type) but it was packed in a box of 10 pieces.

This is the secret guitar tag along, an awesome looking white color acoustic guitar

Monday, August 23, 2010

Art Figure - 1/6 Bagheria

When i first saw this figure on the commercial pre-order photo, it had given me a thought to display him side by side with my Hot Toys Godfather Don Vito^^ This is the second 1/6 figure released by Art Figure. Their first 1/6 figure was in the market some time ago called Redemption and it was released in premium box-set version. Although Art Figure is still young in the 1/6 market, but with the price for this figure, i would say it is worth to give it a try. What you will get with this box is only the figure itself and a luxurious sofa chair. I was like flipping the box up and down looking for the extra sets of hand when i want to pose it like the one on the box art but can't seem find one. So with a little bit of hesitation, i try to bend to fingurs and guess what, the fingers are bendable. It really does amazed me with such a nice features they got for this figure. So, get it while there are still sufficient stock available before getting regret:)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Sideshow - 1/6 501st Legion Vader's Fist Clone Trooper - Unboxed

Finally grabbed my first 1/6 figure from Sideshow the Star Wars 501st Legion Vader's Fist Clone Trooper^^ To dates, Sideshow has released quite a numbers of trooper in the Star Wars line like the Imperial Shock Trooper, Utapau Clone Trooper, Storm Trooper Commander, and etc. The retail price for these troopers is slightly lower among the 1/6 figures, moreover the pre-order price is always cheaper from its retail price. Well i have missed out other troopers that has been released due to its cheap price, and only can get the current release one and ready for pre-order one. After receiving this figure, give me a feel like wanna watch the Star Wars series again:)

The box design is just simple and nice.

Seems like this release is associate with Hot Toys

A Carbine Blaster, Long Rifle, A set of fist and A display base with "STAR WARS" logo is included

Credits to Sideshow for the "painted" battle damage

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Hot Toys - 1/6 Movie MasterPiece The Godfather - Unboxed

Yay...another 1/6 figure for my collection the Hot Toys Movie MasterPiece The Godfather:) This wonderful piece of art has been release somewhere in Q2 last year selling hot upon its release. The Godfather movie has been nominated for 11 Academy Awards and no doubt is has also been one of the most successfully and best movie ever produced in U.S film industry. Among the nominated awards, Marlon Brando has won the Best Actor playing the role Don Vito Corleone in the movie who is a powerful Italian mafia in America. Hot toys has completed another outstanding sculpt in their movie masterpiece series this time. The face sculpt, head sculpt, costume, accessories has been made perfectly by Hot toys and not forget the box design also. Other than the Hot toys version of Don Vito, Enterbay has released their version in the same quarter last year namely premium collectors edition and both version has been sold out in most of the place.

Love the awesome box design and box art

Is larger than the normal HT box

Figure and accessories packed in 2 boxes

A luxurious catalog attached with this figure

As i mentioned, the authentic likeness of Marlon Brando as Don Vito Corleone

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Plastic Model Kit + Figurine

2 boxes of goodies arrived yesterday all the way from Japan^^ These goodies were purchased on last month and only reached here yesterday because i choose the cheapest shipping for them as i am not in hurry getting them as long as they arrive in good condition:)

Here's my goodies line up RG (Real Grade) 1/144 RX78-2, Kaiyodo Revoltech Sci-Fi 008 Batman, Figma K-On 058 Mio Akiyama and Figma K-On 059 Tsumugi Kotobuki.

Well, there were quite a lot of review around the internet on all the kits i've purchased this time, so if you were a collectibles hunters like me then you should be familiar and known well where to read them and grab them for your collection.

In my humble opinion the box art is just nicer than MG box art^^

Came along with the "GUNPLA Navigation Catalogue 2010"

3 were down 2 more to go^^

Like the box design from Sci-Fi Revoltech series very much. Gave me a luxurious fell on it^^

Monday, August 16, 2010

Plex - One Piece Mini Big Head Vol 2 - Chapter Alabasta Fierce Fighting

This is my first purchased of the one piece mini figures called the Mini Big Head manufactured by Plex. This is the Vol 2 where Luffy (the lead character) with his other comrade facing one of the Seven Warlords and his geng. Sadly this box is officially sold as box of 20pcs which randomly pack by manufacturer where you cannot be getting all types (24pcs+a secret). The missing character for this box is Luffy, Zoro, Nami & Sanji. I wonder where can i find them...Anyway here's the list of 4 volume that has been released and the latest volume that just available for pre-order not long ago.

One Piece Mini Big Head Vol 1 - Chapter To the Grand Line
One Piece Mini Big Head Vol 2 - Chapter Alabasta Fierce Fighting
One Piece Mini Big Head Vol 3 - Chapter Sky island
One Piece Mini Big Head Vol 4 - Chapter Water Seven
One Piece Mini Big Head Vol 5 - Chapter Ennis Lobby

Here's the character line up for this volume 2.

1. Luffy
2. Zoro
3. Nami
4. Sanji
5. Usopp
6. Chopper
7. Vivi
8. Carue
9. Portgas D. Ace
10. Miss Wednesday (Vivi)
11. Mr.8
12. Nefertari Cobra
13. Pell
14. Chaka
15. Crocodile
16. Miss All Sunday (Nico)
17. Mr.1
18. Mr.2
19. Mr.3
20. Den Den Mushi
21. 海軍船 1
22. 海軍船 2
23. 海軍船 3
24. Monkey D. Dragon
25. (secret)

Every vol contain 20 different pieces

Comparison with Bandai The Seven Warlords of the Sea

Can be combine from 2 into 1 like below picture^^

Can combine from 3 into 1:)