Wednesday, July 29, 2009

100 Famous Rock Guitar Riffs

Check it out this awesome 100 famous rock guitar riffs using only 1 guitar, play by only 1 person and most importantly did it in one take^^

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Largest release of 1/72 HMM Zoids

Yea, you got the correct answer, is the 1/72 HMM Iron Kong. This superb model kit is developed by Takara Tomy and will be release by end of this year. It is approximately 250mm in length when both of the hands and feet are on the ground^^ Well, guess how much this giant thing will cost, is about 10k yen in price. I have to say is really near to get a PG RX78-2 already.

"Typical" move of Iron Kong =P

Magnificent finger articulation

Nice cockpit area

Look at the size of Command Wolf IC compare to Iron Kong =)

More images at Hobby Stock

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Transformer 2 The Revenge of the Fallen

Finally, i was successful to squeeze out my time to watch this magnificent blockbuster movie^^. I was very satisfied and happy with the outcome of this 2nd episode. Although the transformation of each robot and most of the battle action were a bit fast but i'm still amazed by the style of Michael Bay's directing skill=)

Although the movie has been released for 1 month, but still a lot of people in the cineplex watching this movie^^

I was really astonished by this flying Optimus Prime in the movie, and guess what Takara Tomy will release this excellent model in Nov 09 base on 2nd episode.^^

Big "present" from RTD

I was on my way home using the same route that i always do after a long tired working hours on night shift. Just right after i passed-by the "typical" roundabout where we can found in most of the Kuching area, there comes a RTD (Road Traffic Department, which also known as JPJ - Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan in Malay) operation awaits and inspect every car that pass by.

Initially i was blocked by one of the officer due to my car screen issue(which it was failed based on his visual check). There were lots of "victim" been blocked before i joined them. So another officer came to me and requested my driving licence(as this is the normal procedure^^). I wasn't awared that actually my driving licence was expired about 1 month ago until the officer told me ><.

But thank God that the officer was really good in attitude that he kept saying sorry to me which he has to issue me a summon. He also informed me that there will be an "Everyday RTD road block operation" last for the whole week. To my friend out there, just be extra alert when you are on the road, ok. ^^

Friday, July 24, 2009

MG RX-93 Nu Gundam 5

Finally, the wings is ready^^

Well, i think i need to do more sanding to smoothen the surface and add up some detailing before proceed to painting^^ stay tune for the next update=P

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

MG RX-93 Nu Gundam 4

Yea, is time for weaponary to roll out^^

Beam Rifle



Weapon loaded

Let's fight!!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

MG RX-93 Nu Gundam 3

This is the 3rd time me, vell & snoopy gather for our gunpla assembling. Vell started his new HGUC RX78-3 OYW + Chars Rick Dom set (which he just recently bought from me^^), snoopy continue his HG Zaku Phantom Dearka back pack building and as for me of cause continue my 1st MG gundam...RX93 Nu Gundam =P

Unassembled Torso part 1

Unassembled Torso part 2

Torso Part

Unassembled Head Part

Unassembled Waist Part

Head and Waist

Unassembled Back Pack

Back pack 1st part completed

Now who dare to challenge me =P

Thanks for Vell for this nice photo shooting

Air Brush Compressor

Fyi, i'm only into this modeling kits for about half a year, but i'm willing to extend my hobby from a simple snap-fitting to painting or even modification. In order to do the painting, i've prepared most of the tools which is necessary and finally, my Air Brush Compressor has arrived to complete my painting accessories. To be precise, it wasn't arrived at my doorstep but at Pos Malaysia Mail Center Kuching on 16th July. As our Pos Malaysia parcel policies stated it will arrived within a week or less than 10days, so they will probably loosen their effort to send out immediately =(. That's the reason why i headed to their mail center to collect it this morning instead of waiting them to send out^^ Well, here's some picture to share with you guys =)

The seller pack it nicely with plastic tape^^

Some simple specification stated on the box

The real look of the compressor

This is a compressor made in Taiwan with brand HSENG model AS186

Top up my paint from the seller

Hopefully will share with you all on my first AB kit soon^^

Friday, July 17, 2009

MG RX-93 Nu Gundam 2

I've built few SD and HGUC gundam before this, but haven't really try on a MG gundam. Well, I've to say this is absolutely fun and challenging when building a MG gundam. It took me about an hour on complete the leg part.

The inner frame of the leg part

The knee joint articulation is more than 90 degree(before put on outer part^^)

Ready to put on the outer part...

Not really bad for the knee articulation even after the outer part is up=)

The Leg itself is about 14cm tall^^

Thursday, July 16, 2009

MG RX-93 Nu Gundam 1

After collected plenty of MG gundam, i think i should really get started building them. Otherwise i'll only end up buying more and more but never build^^ Well, I've chosen MG RX-93 Nu Gundam as my 1st MG kit to be built. Mainly is because the 1st hand onwer has opened up the plastic of each runner and undercoat them moreover one of the arm has been built. Fyi, i don't buy assembled gundam because i enjoy the process of assembling, but this time is different due to the 1st hand owner willing to let go with a very very cheap price^^. So without second thought, immediately i hunt down this excellent kit to add up my collection =P

The box Art

The size of the box is thicker compare to other gundam like Force Impulse

i've completed the other arm

Most of the runner has been "undercoat"

The only runner that remain its original color

Some of the yellow part has been sprayed^^

Another strong point of this kit is that there are some die cast parts included just like what a normal PG contained

A total of 3 die cast parts included: 2 for the leg and 1 for the waist =)