Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hot Toys - 1/6 Movie Masterpiece Spider-man 3 - Spider-man

Yes, this is our friendly neighborhood Spider-man and is the first ever Spider-man produced by Hot Toys. I made my pre-ordered for this one few months ago. Back then not many collectors fell for this as compare to other Superheroes made by Hot Toys but once this awesome figure released in the market, there goes those slowpoke collector looking here and there to get this.

There are a lot of people keep on complaining about this Hot Toys version of Spider-man but as for me i'm positive about it much like the DX04 but end up sold out at most places also or be ready to pay scalper price. There will be another Spider-man, the black one release by Hot Toys which the prototype can be seen in a few recent toy fair. Those who miss out this classic look Spider-man can get ready your bullet for this upcoming black Spidy^^

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