Saturday, April 16, 2011

threeA - 1/6 WWR Deimos Heavy Bramble Mk 3

This is my second purchase on threeA stuff the Deimos Heavy Bramble Mk3. This guy is a really huge monster not only the robot itself but the overloaded bazooka stands roughly at about 21 inches tall :D. (You will see it in the last few photos) As usual from threeA, it has different color variant for collectors to choose which is their favorite or perhaps grab all as individual unit has its own unique color.

This big and nasty monster is the biggest 1/6 figure i've ever owned in the collection. As it is so big, the stain (heavily weather paint) can be seen everywhere as well as the strong smell of it. There are five more bramble can be grab including one yet to be released, grab it now when there are still available^^

Friday, April 8, 2011

threeA - 1/6 WWR Panda Shocktrooper Dropcloth

According to Wikipedia, threeA Trading Company Ltd, threeA Toys, or threeA (also stylized 3A), is a a Hong Kong based company founded in 2008 by co-owners Ashley Wood and Kim Fung Wong. Kim Fung Wong generally handles the wholesale and production aspects of the company while Ashley Wood designs the figures and handles marketing. threeA develops and manufactures designer toys, posters, books, prints and clothing based on characters and paintings usually created and designed by Ashley Wood. threeA does also have a Showcase toy branch where the company produces figures from other Intellectual Properties not owned by Ashley Wood and has announced a new project called 3A+ that will work in similar fashion with independent artists.

Since the company is essentially ThreeZero x Ashley Wood, the name "ThreeA" is derived from the name of Kim Fung Wong's company, ThreeZero, and the first letter in Ashley Wood's name.

As of my purchase this time, it was my first ever threeA World War Robot the Panda Shocktrooper Dropcloth. There are plenty of color variant released up to date and the price are vary depends on the rarerity and difficulty of getting it. threeA product got my attention lately due to the design is unique from the way i see it and the painting/weathering is awesomely finished using real oil/dust etc. Panda Shocktrooper Dropcloth is still available for grab at its retail price so grab it while the price still reasonable^^